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I was extremely pleased
"I was extremely pleased at having the phone answered by a real person - not automation!! Thank-you so much for a GREAT tax season!"

L.R. Rainier, WA  

I love this software
"I love this software and will stay with WorldWideWeb Tax as long as I'm independently doing returns. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience. All issues were taken care of in a very timely manner. I am so grateful for the consideration you extended me this season with paying for my software. You guys are the best!"

S.B. Hurricane, UT  

Why fool with the rest when I have the best
"Thanks for all your help! I've been asked to review other tax software but have said no. I am staying with this company... Why fool with the rest when I have the best!!!"

 S.P. Fayetteville, NC 

Your software and service is magnificent
"You are number one! Your software and service is magnificent! I had a doubt when I wanted to sign up with you guys, but I am glad I chose you anyway. I do not know how any other software developer can beat you guys. What else would they offer? Your software is excellent, your technicians are great, your support and response time is unbelievable. What else can one ask for?" 

S.A. High Point, NC 

I will use this product forever
"I will use this product forever. I can say thank you for this program you guys built for people to use in tax season. I love and I will use it every year."

 J.B. Orlando, FL 

This is the best experience I have ever had
"You guys amaze me with the software. I don't know how you can take something that is perfect and try to make it better. This is the best experience I have ever had with a software and technical support company. Keep up the good job!"

 N.G. Fort Pierce, FL 

Your technical support is outstanding
"I want you to know that your technical support is outstanding! This is my first year in my business and I cannot express or say enough on how your technical support goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that the customers are taken care of. It would be robbery if I did not mention their professionalism and knowledge of WorldWideWeb Tax products. Please let them know that I complimented them!"

P.J. Orlando, FL 

I had a record breaking season
"Thanks, you were a great support this year! I had a record breaking season!!! Having the technical support installation appointments this year was fantastic!!! Within minutes he helped me get my data files from last season and brought them into this year’s software. I was very pleased with the prompt reply I received from Tech Support each time I had a question. Thanks again."

 J.E. Lackawanna, NY 

Simply the best
"Tina Turner recorded a song about you -- SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! Thank you."

E.L. Indianapolis, IN 

Thank you for all of your support
"What a great season and thank you for all of your support. Loved the bulletins and the tax issues magazine this year. See you next year!"

C.C. Philadelphia, PA 

I am very satisfied 
"As a first time user of your tax program this year, I am very satisfied with its performance. The review audit features and e-filing features worked admirably. And the Reports features gave me greater understanding and control of my business. Since this is my first year with the capability to e-file from my desktop, it has taken my business to a new level. I thank you for your product and the stellar support!"

 C.M. Claremont, CA 

Thank you for a wonderful experience
"Tax season is going great! This was my first year offering bank products and renting an office to expand. I really, really enjoyed the fast and efficient technical support that WorldWideWeb Tax has provided me and my office. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

G.R. Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Rock of Ages
"Thanks again for your beautiful error free tax software. Good and reliable, your tax software helps to build my confidence in my tax practice. Your company gave me the inspiration to build the confidence. Your answers and solutions to unexpected questions are indeed fantastic. Your solutions will make a new tax office be an overnight Rock of Ages. See you next year."

P.E. Woonsocket, RI 

Thank you for a wonderful tax season
"Thank you for a great year. I was a little confused with the program at first but you guys really helped. Thank you so much for a wonderful tax season."

D.L. Sandwich, IL 

You've opened new doors for me
"My season is improving. It is the best that I've had in a good while. I'm glad I'm using WorldWideWeb Tax. It has opened new doors for me. I am still learning the system but I'm sure things will get easier as I go along. Thanks for making it easy to provide full tax services to my clients."

 A.C. Jacksonville, FL 

You are great
"I am completely satisfied with every aspect of WorldWideWeb Tax. I have already renewed for next year. One thing you have done which was a great improvement was get the software out earlier so that we could hit the ground running in January. You are great! Thank you."

 T.B. Forest Hill, MD 

You can bet I'll be on board next year
"I wish to express my thanks for your continued support of customers like me. It is refreshing, in this day of sell and forget the service, to receive the interest and support you folks provide. You can bet I'll be on board next year. Many Thanks!"

R.G. Hillsboro, OR 

I was extremely pleased
"As a new tax prep business owner, I was extremely pleased with the communication, both verbal and written, that was available to me. My questions were answered promptly and the service was extraordinary. Even when there was an issue with my security provider not allowing me to view my tax software, the support team went the extra mile to help resolve it and get me up and running. I truly enjoyed the ability to research my specific questions during my off peak time. The content available was on point with the day to day business matters that occur in our operation. Thanks WorldWideWeb Tax. We will continue our business with you!" 

L.M. Suwanee, GA 

All I want to say is thank you
"I don't really know what to say, but thanks a bunch for your support this season, it is my first one with you all and I think it was great, even though I just did a few returns. All I want to say is thank you all for all the support and help you gave me and thank you all for putting up with me."

M.L. Pampa, TX 

Thanks for taking such good care of me
"Thanks for taking such good care of me and my company. I'm a single parent and have to keep up with everything. Thanks again and have a blessed day,"

P.S. Houston, TX 

"I would like to thank the staff and technical section of WorldWideWeb for the prompt and professional service given to me in my time of need. Kudos. Thanks again and have great summer."

 C.D. Amsterdam, NY 

I was extremely happy 
"Thanks again for your help. I was extremely happy with not only your software product, but your technical support team is wonderful too. Hope you had a great holiday season and have a very happy new year. As always,"

 J.C. Cherry Hill, NJ 

Great tax season
"Thanks for such a great tax season! We are definitely interested in renewing for next year. Please call me on my cell phone for my current credit card number. Thanks so much!"

K.B. Round Lake Beach, IL 

Thanks for a great tax season
"I thought that this year the automatic downloads were great!!!! and the bank products were easier to sell. Thanks for a great tax season. See you next year."

 K.C. Highland Park, MI 

Support was super
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and you staff for a great year. Support was super. One call solves the problem. All the best,"

R.S. Houston, TX 

Nice feature
"Thank you for the automatic updating feature. It saved me from having to remember to check to see if updates were available. Nice feature!"

 D.F. Decatur, GA 

Overall very helpful
"I have felt the technical support to be prompt, responsive and overall very helpful."

 C.D. Las Vegas, NV 

The support was more than what I expected
"I just wanted to say thank you for getting me back up and running. I am very grateful for the help. As far as the technical side, you were always very courteous, knowledgeable and very professional. The support was more than what I expected. You’re great at customer service and I appreciate it when I receive good service. Overall I am very pleased with the program. The customer service is excellent."

 J.B. Moore, OK 

I have had a great experience
"Your support staff has been wonderful. I have had a great experience with both the software and support. I really liked the automatic updates. Everything is fine."

 L.B. Elizabeth City, NC 

The support was terrific
"Everything worked out fine this year. I think the support was terrific and I can't think of anything else to improve."

 D.M. Chicago, IL 

I would recommend this program to anyone
"The software and tech support were great. The program was easy to use and the new automatic update feature is awesome. I would recommend this program to anyone."

 E.H. Newton Grove, NC 

I was pretty impressed
"This was my first year using this program. I struggled a little bit getting it set up, but after that I was pretty impressed with how it worked. It certainly accomplished all that I needed it to. Thanks"

K.W. Idaho Falls, ID 

The software is very user-friendly
"My tax season is going great! Everything I encountered was great! I really enjoyed this software. The software is very user-friendly."

E.T. Memphis, TN 

Very easy to use
"I did not need much tech support, and when I did I had no problems. I have found your software very easy to use. I wish I had discovered it sooner!!"

 L.K. Lakewood, OH 

Very good and easy to use
"The support is excellent! The software is very good and easy to use."

 M.R. Los Angeles, CA 

I was very pleased
"After having used another company for 20 years I was very pleased overall with your tax programs and support, I have already renewed for next year. The efile was excellent and the forms I used were supported. I have a feeling most of your users have large volume simple returns, in my case this is not true. I have medium volume but complex returns."

 P.H. Memphis, TN 

Very user-friendly software
"I am very happy with this program and since we have started using it, it runs very well. Very user-friendly software. I am completely satisfied."

 J.M. San Juan, TX 

Thanks for always being there
"You always send such good information. Thanks for all the hard work you do for us, thanks for caring so much about us, and thanks for always being there for us."

 J.B. Columbia, NC 

You guys were very helpful
"I have no suggestions; you guys were very helpful, prompt and courteous!!"

 D.C. Archdale, NC 

Look forward to working with you
"My tax business is still very small, as I have another full time business to run. After 13 years at a national tax franchise, this is the first tax season I've e-filed on my own. I expect my business to grow quite a bit next tax season, and look forward to working with you and your programs. Much thanks,"

E.T. Elk Grove, IL 

Tech support was excellent
"Tech support was excellent! I have enjoyed using your product the last several years and look forward to doing business in the future."

 L.R. Charlestown, NH 

Technical support was wonderful
"Technical support was wonderful, do not change a thing. They were very very pleasant to work with."

 D.H. Jupiter, FL 

Keep up the excellent work
"Very satisfied with the program and the degree of correspondence this year. I cannot think of one thing you could do to improve the technical support. Keep up the excellent work!!!"

D.N. Hatfield, WI 

You guys are the best
"Your tax package works very well, so well in fact I can begin to set up a network. You are all doing a good job. Keep it up! You guys are the best!"

 J.J. Orangeburg, SC 

I was very happy with the support
"I was very happy with the support I received. I really do like the program and will use it again this coming tax season."

 J.M. Reno, NV 

You have the greatest techs ever
"You have the greatest techs ever! No improvement needed. Frankly, the improvements made this year were astounding! I love the auto update feature and for once I did not have problems downloading the upgrades! I have been so pleased with my three years with you, that you can count on me for a fourth year. Any discounts for longevity?"

 B.R. Clearlake Oaks, CA 

I am a very satisfied customer
"I am very satisfied, especially with auto updates. I am pleased with program and service. I am a very satisfied customer!"

J.R. Larned, KS 

Thank you very much for all your help
"This is my second year using this software, and overall I'm quite satisfied. I was happy with the response I got from the staff. Thank you very much for all your help... :)"

D.S. Holland, OH 

I was responded to quickly
"I don't think you need to improve anything. When I called or e-mailed I was responded to quickly and efficiently."

 T.S. Lantana, FL 

The excellent support that I received
"I honestly cannot think of any thing that you could do to improve the excellent support that I received this season. I look forward to working with you next season."

 C.D. Carbondale, IL 

The support personnel were great
"This was a good year for me. Hope others who use your software were as pleased as I was with it. I really like the automatic updates to the software. It makes things real convenient not to have to check each day if there are any changes or updates. I have not had to contact tech support at all. In the past when I contacted tech support the support personnel were great! Thank you."

 M.A. Newark, DE 

Thank you for a great first season
"Everything went well this season. Any help I needed was taken care of promptly. This was my first season with this software and I liked it. Thank you for a great first season!"

F.H. Peru, IN 

I never got a busy signal
"Really, this year, it is perfect. I never got a busy signal when calling. Someone always called me back promptly if I did not get help with my original phone call. E-mails kept me in touch with my needs."

 S.C. Pierre Part, LA 

You are doing a great job
"Excellent! I have had excellent results with your software over the past few years -- no complaints! Keep up the great work! You are doing a great job!"

B.H. Barbourville, KY 

I have enjoyed your company’s service
"I have enjoyed your company’s service so far and the problems I had been experiencing have been resolved. Hopefully everything will turn out great for the rest of the season. Respectfully,"

C.S. Flint, MI 

I am very satisfied
"Tax Season is going good, thank you! Nothing missing that I need. I am very satisfied with the program! Thanks again,"

 D.P. Marion, IN 

The software is awesome
"My business is doing pretty good for its first year. The software is awesome! Overall, the software is very easy to navigate and understand. I love the bank products and the fact that you guys are making my job so much easier. I never thought setting up my own tax preparation business could be this easy. Thanks to you guys!"

R.G. Aurora, IL 

Great job
"Very very busy, but thank you for asking. All is going very well. The only two problems that I had were resolved quickly and accurately. Great job!"

 T.R. Cottondale, FL 

This software is the best
"This is my first official tax season. I'm currently employed full-time and I wanted to try something part-time with hopes that this will eventually lead to my full-time and primary source of income. This software is the best. It's slow going however. I'm gaining the experience as I start out in my crawl! Kind regards,"

S.B. Summerville, SC 

I am very satisfied with your program
"I just received notification that I was accepted by the IRS. I am in business now. I am very satisfied with your program. I am finding it very user friendly. Thank you for all of your help."

 L.T. Odon, IN 

I am loving your product
"I am loving your product. I have had to call tech support several times but they were quick and efficient in answering my questions!"

 H.K. Rockford, IL 

Software is perfect
"Thanks for keeping close contact. You guys have a great customer rating with us. Software is perfect. Take care,"

I.S. Richmond, VA 

Turn around times have been great
"Just to let you know so far this season I have not had any system problems. I love the new automatic updates and the turn around times have been great!"

M.P. Indianapolis, IN 

Thanks for your help and support
"This new version of the software with the automatic updates is great! I have transmitted in successfully & have received my bank acceptance date, as well as my automatic updates. Thanks for your help and support."

 W.J. Texarkana, TX 

Your technical staff has always been highly professional
"Your new addition to the program this year called The Tax Time News is great and I've been reading up on a whole array of tax issues. I love the automatic update feature too. Great idea! Everything else was a breeze thanks to all your help. Your technical staff has always been highly professional, knowledgeable, and courteous and never made me feel like my problems where not their problems."

 C.J. Philadelphia, PA 

Excellent customer services skills
"Excellent customer services skills have always been one of the main reasons for remaining with the company. Thanks to your prompt attention to my problem."

 V.B. Memphis, TN 

Very successful tax season
"Got it and all installed and received my Bank Acceptance Date. Ready for my installation appointment on Tuesday and for a very successful tax season. Hopefully I'll get through it without major problems. Looking forward to working with your company again. I have been bombarded with information from other tax companies, but they go directly into the shredder!"

G.S. El Paso, TX 

Love the software
"I love the software. It is powerful and at a price that practitioners can afford. Thank you."

A.R. Denville, NJ 

You are excellent
"Your technical support system is of "First Class Order". You are excellent! I am satisfied. Please keep it up!"

A.B. Montgomery, AL 

I will renew year after year
"Your support staff is extremely helpful and understanding. They are awesome and one of the reasons I will renew year after year."

B.P. Escondido, CA 

Tech people are very understanding and helpful
"Your tech people are very understanding and helpful. They treated me with much respect, as the computer and I don't always see eye to eye."

 B.S. Gobles, MI 

Your staff is very courteous and very knowledgeable
"I believe that your staff is very courteous and very knowledgeable. Not only did they assist me with my question but also they returned my call numerous times until they spoke to me."

C.J.C. Philadelphia, PA 

We were completely satisfied
"We only used tech support on one occasion. We were completely satisfied. The service has improved every year and the value is good."

D.M. Garfield Heights, OH 

I love your program and tech support
"Your program is perfect. It is very user friendly. I love your program and tech support. I will definitely renew for next year!"

S.L. Belle, WV 

You are always there to support me
"I really enjoy working with this program. It is very user friendly. Thanks for all your help and support. Whenever I need your help, you are always there to support me."

 T.Y. Minneapolis, MN 

The program is fantastic
"Overall the service was good. I have been using this software for 4 years now and I have had no major problems. The support technicians are super fast and courteous and the program is fantastic. Everything is excellent!"

 E.H. Faison, NC 

Your support has been so outstanding
"I really think this is very good software. Your support has been so outstanding such that I cannot think of anything to improve. Very happy to be one of your clients!"

R.H. Fort Washington, MD 

Keep up the good work
"I really enjoyed working with technical support. The individuals I worked with were very patient, and extremely courteous. Keep up the good work!"

 J.J. Hazel Crest, IL 

Very helpful and knowledgeable
"I liked your software, and will use it again next year. I would like to give my thanks to the support technicians. They were very helpful and knowledgeable."

 J.R. Fox Lake, IL 

I can’t think of anything to improve
"Tech support helped me get started this year. I can’t think of anything to improve. Thanks for the follow up!"

 M.D. Drakesboro, KY 

I really like your technical support
"I really like your technical support team. I believe I am the one who needs to improve in navigating and working with the software."

M.H. Hobbs, NM 

Thanks for your help
"All is going well this season. The technicians were prompt at getting back to me. Thanks for your help when I needed it."

 P.B. Neosho, MO 

Keep up the good support
"I am really appreciative of the support I received this initial start-up year. Keep up the good support. Thank you."

R.R. South Elgin, IL 

A great product
"I received my EFIN and we are on the ball. I really appreciate the spontaneous response. Overall, a great product! Stay in touch and my sincere thanks."

 O.P. Teaneck, NJ 

Your staff is excellent
"Your software continues to do exactly what I need it to do. And no technical problems this year. Your staff is excellent!"

T.A. Manchester, MO 

This is great software
"Your software is very good and I don't know of anything that I could add to improve the software. This is great software!"

T.A. Columbus, OH 

A very satisfied customer
"Thank you guys sooo much! I really appreciate the professional service that I get from all of you at tech support… I had to take time to say thanks for the hard work!! A very satisfied customer."

 S.R. Springfield, TN 

You guys have made it so easy
"Thank you for all your help. I better have a great Tax season!!!! I want to double last year but its hard. I do returns on weekends and evenings, as you know I work full time. Having my own business is better than working for a national tax franchise. You guys have made it so easy and pleasant for me. Hopefully I can do this full time and get my degree in accounting. I just have to keep positive!"

 M.L. Coachella, CA 

The technical help has been awesome
"Overall your program is easy and efficient. The technical help has been awesome for me!"

 M.W. Porter, TX 

You are really great
"Sir, I can't thank you enough sir. You are really great! I appreciate that. Thank you for the continued support!"

 A.O. Augusta, GA 

Very happy
"I have not had much need for personal tech support, but when I have I've found the folks to be very friendly and knowledgeable. I have used your software for a number of years and am very happy with it."

 W.W. Mansfield, OH 

Thank you for all your help
"Thank you for the quick response and the great help. This worked and I was able to finish up my tax season. Once again thank you for all your help!!!"

 J.L. Elk Grove Village, IL 

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