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Overview Of The Steps To Start A Tax Preparation Business
Welcome to the tax preparation business. Starting a tax preparation business, to either supplement your current income, or as a full-time job, can be a rewarding and lucrative career. Whether you are brand new to tax preparation or you are finally branching out on your own after having successfully worked in a tax preparation office, you'll need to complete the steps below to start a tax preparation business.

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Congratulations on considering starting a tax preparation business, and enjoying a rewarding and lucrative career in tax preparation! To receive our Free Special Report, How To Start A Tax Preparation Business, which covers issues that are not addressed in this web site, click here.

Editors Note: The numerical order of Steps 2-7 are for reference purposes only. The steps do not have to be completed in that order. For instance, below you will learn that you cannot apply for a PTIN for 2017 until mid-October 2016. That does not mean that you cannot complete Steps 5-7 until after mid-October. You can complete Steps 5-7, or any other Steps, at any time.

Step 2 - Educational Requirements
You don't need a bachelor's or associate's degree to start a tax preparation business. However, any tax preparer should have the following basic skills:

  • Be comfortable with math - have a knack for numbers
  • Be comfortable operating computers
  • Customer service skills and/or experience dealing with people
  • A very basic understanding of tax laws and regulations. (See Step 6 below).
Because many tax preparers don't have any formal training in tax preparation, they must undergo a small amount of basic tax training before they can begin working. In these courses, students learn about topics such as filing status, exemptions, deductions, and credits. (See Step 6 below).

Step 3 - Licensing Requirements
Tax preparers must meet some federal registration requirements (described below), and in some cases state licensure and/or registration requirements. The IRS requires tax preparers to obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) before they can accept payment for preparing tax returns. (See Step 3 below). You'll learn more about the federal and your state's requirements by visiting our Licensing Requirements page.

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Step 4 - Obtaining a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN)
Obtaining a PTIN is required by the IRS for any person who prepares tax returns for compensation. If you are going to employ other tax preparers, this step is required for each tax preparer in your tax preparation business. The PTIN process can be completed quickly online. You'll learn more when visiting our Obtaining a PTIN page.

Step 5 - Obtaining an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN)
Obtaining an EFIN allows you to file both federal and in most cases state tax returns electronically. The process generally takes about 60 days.

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Step 6 - Obtaining Tax Software
Our famous, best selling, comprehensive, and full-featured 1040 ValuePak tax software allows you to produce and electronically file all federal and state individual income tax returns and provide your tax clients with a full range of tax-related bank products. You'll learn more about our tax software by visiting our Obtaining Tax Software page.

Step 7 - Obtaining Tax Preparation Training
There are courses and training programs tax preparers should complete to learn what they need to know to prepare tax returns. With our online income tax courses at The Tax College, and the skills you'll develop, you'll have what it takes to start your own tax preparation business. Our home study online income tax courses will teach you everything you need to know to start a tax preparation business. It will take you several weeks to complete our Basic Federal Income Tax Course. You'll learn more about our tax courses by visiting our Obtaining Free Training page.

We'll be glad to help you with any of these steps. Just complete our Registration Form, or call us.

FREE SPECIAL REPORT - How To Start A Tax Preparation Business!
Congratulations on considering starting a tax preparation business and pursuing a career in tax preparation! Click the button below to receive our Free Special Report, How To Start A Tax Preparation Business, which covers issues that are not addressed in this web site.
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