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Obtaining Tax Software For Your Tax Preparation Business
Since starting a tax preparation business involves electronically filing tax returns with the IRS and usually at least one state using a computer, you'll need tax software for preparing and e-filing the tax returns.

WorldWideWeb Tax provides you with a completely integrated all-in-one tax software solution, allowing you to prepare and e-file any tax return, federal or state, as well as many cities and localities. Our tax software also includes an integrated tax-related bank product system. There's nothing extra to buy to offer e-filing or tax-related bank products.

We provide unequaled, U.S.-based technical support from Pompano Beach, Florida, and we will usually answer your call immediately. No sitting on hold. No telephone mazes to navigate. No voice mail jail!

Our famous, best selling, comprehensive, and full-featured 1040 ValuePak tax software allows you to produce and electronically file all federal and state individual income tax returns and provide your clients with a full range of tax-related bank products. The 1040 ValuePak tax software is database driven and simple to use. 1040 ValuePak is the most intuitive tax software product on the market today! Whether you serve a small number of taxpayers with simple tax returns, middle income taxpayers that need fast refunds, or taxpayers with complex tax returns, 1040 ValuePak is the perfect tax software program for your tax preparation business!

Why not buy high quality, latest technology tax software at a fraction of the cost that our competitors charge? 1040 ValuePak, the best value in tax software, is available in a package that fits your specific needs at a price that fits your budget! See for yourself why thousands of tax preparers have stepped up to our breakthrough tax software technology.

Our tax software is very easy to learn and use and we have users coast to coast. Here's what you get with 1040 ValuePak in addition to our fast, dependable customer service:
  • Tax Estimator
  • Error-Check Diagnostics
  • Client Manager
  • Client Letters
  • Client Billing/Invoices
  • Built-in Interview
  • Pro-forma Organizers
  • Fully integrated with state tax returns
  • Data flows through to any state returns automatically
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1040 ValuePak Federal Individual tax software is comprehensive and includes Forms 1040, 1040-A, and 1040-EZ, Schedule C - Profit or Loss from Business, plus all associated tax forms and schedules, which are automatically added to the tax return as it is being prepared. 1040 ValuePak features fully integrated federal and state electronic filing and tax-related bank products.

1040 ValuePak State Individual tax software includes over 1,000 tax forms and schedules for all 43 states with an income tax plus Florida and DC. 1040 ValuePak uses the information entered in the Federal tax return to seamlessly complete the State tax return - reducing manual data entry errors.

With the 1040 ValuePak tax software you'll have two simple-to-use, flexible data entry methods for preparing tax returns - the Step-by-Step Interview Method or the Forms Method. You can switch "at will" between methods and input the information your way. The choice of tax return preparation methods is completely yours! You don't need to know which tax form to put the numbers on. 1040 ValuePak automatically selects the correct tax forms for you!

The Step-by-Step Interview Method requires no specialized tax knowledge. It asks you a series of questions and guides you through the quick and accurate completion of the tax return. Based on your answers, 1040 ValuePak structures the Step-by-Step Interview so that you only answer questions that apply to your client's tax situation. This is the perfect solution for new tax preparers that may be a little uneasy preparing tax returns their first tax season or two. As you progress in your career with your tax preparation business you'll become more comfortable preparing tax returns using the Forms Method.

As you proceed through the Step-by-Step Interview, 1040 ValuePak automatically makes most of the decisions for you regarding which tax forms, schedules, and worksheets to add to the tax return. The tax return is organized and calculated for you as you advance through the interview screens. Whether you file simple Form 1040-EZs or complex tax returns with multiple forms, schedules, and worksheets, 1040 ValuePak does most of the work for you!

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Easy to Learn - Easy to use!
You'll soon find that using 1040 ValuePak tax software in your tax preparation business is the quickest and easiest way to prepare tax returns! In independent reviews our tax software regularly receives five stars for ease of learning! You can rest easy with 1040 ValuePak's unsurpassed reliability and ease of use. 1040 ValuePak tax software - Amazingly Easy to Learn - Amazingly Easy to Use! 1040 ValuePak is the only tax software program you'll ever need to serve all of your tax client's needs. It's simply the only intelligent solution for your tax preparation business!
We build relationships that last a lifetime!
WorldWideWeb Tax is an industry leader providing independent tax preparers with federal tax software, state tax software, electronic filing, and tax-related bank products. We've served tax and accounting professionals and their tax clients since 1998. The most important factor in our growth has been the emphasis we place on supporting you, the tax preparer. We're dedicated to helping you and your tax preparation business succeed. At WorldWideWeb Tax we don't just build a first class tax software program, we build relationships that last a lifetime!

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